David Bergen Builders Inc.
P.O. Box 5217
Gainesville, GA 30504
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David Bergen:
Living and working in Hall County Georgia with over 34 years of building, remodeling, home improvement and subdivision development in Hall and surrounding counties of Georgia.

About Us:
At David Bergen Builders Inc. we provide our customers with dreams that come true. Value, quality and customer service care are the hallmarks of this third generation family business.

We put a lot of thought into determining which elements have the best value and what matters most to our customers.

So whether it's a beautiful new custom home, remodel or improvements, our comapany's core values of excellence, pride and integrity are implemented at every level on every job we do!

Living and working in Hall County with over 34 years building, remodeling, improvements and developing In Hall and surrounding counties of Georgia.

Price Range: Remodeling to Million Plus Custom Built Homes

Primary Style: American Craftsman, Traditional

Scuba Diving, Golf, going to Falcon games, boating with my wife Deborah and our rescue dogs Murphy, Riley, Zack and Hayden.

Favorite Team: Life long Atlanta Falcon fan!